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Southern Idaho Tourism

We all know that Idaho makes ALL of the lists for being ALL of the things.
We know, we know…. Idaho is incredible. We only wish that everyone would stop letting that secret out. But we also know that we need to stop being so selfish, especially when we have such an amazing tourism draw to our state and the industry is important for so many reasons. Especially when Southern Idaho Tourism is doing everything right.

We teamed up with our design partner over at Carew Co. for this build and they also got everything right. The site really represents what South Idaho has to offer and every time we visit the site, test it, or even just think about it, we are drawn in to plan another outing. So do yourself a favor and check out the "What to See & Do" and "Start Your Adventure" sections.

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Image of how the project website looks being viewed on a laptop
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Image of how the project website looks being viewed on a mobile phone

Visit South Idaho...DO IT!

We were recently tasked to freshen up this site a bit and improve the user experience. A lot of that work included PSD to HTML conversion with new colors, layout, and fonts but our favorite part was making adventures more searchable by season and category. We built new "adventure cards" on the homepage that are categorized by season and easily managed by the client in the backend. They also can choose the order in which the seasons appear on the tabs. So, if the client would like "Winter" to appear in the first tab, they can make that change.

Based on feedback from the folks over at Carew Co., we understand the website's traffic and organic search have increased dramatically and we are so proud to have been a part of it all!

  • Responsive Design
  • Improved Page Speed
  • Increased Usability For Better User Experience
  • Flexible Content Management